100% heirloom and open pollinated non-hybrid gmo free vegetable seeds

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Our 100% open pollinated, heirloom, non-hybrid vegetable seeds are priced on average 300% below other online seed wholesalers/retailers. We are a small American run company dealing in volume. We sell 100% open pollinated, heirloom, non-hybrid vegetable seeds plus common herbs and garden variety fruits seeds in lots of 100 pre-selected individual seed packs.

All seeds packages are pre-selected, high quality vegetables seeds separated into their own individual Mylar bags to ensure freshness.


Bring the reward and joy of growing fresh, nutritious high quality vegetables to your garden. We take great pride in selling only 100% open pollinated, heirloom, non-hybrid premium vegetable seeds, collected from the best vegetable plants and fruit available.

Just like keeping money saved for an unforeseen emergency, saving up open pollinated, non hybrid seeds to use for replanting encase certain crops die out or are destroyed is a very smart thing to do. Our complete vegetable garden seed packs are perfect for creating your very own survival seed bank.

We take pride in selling some of the highest quality open pollinated seeds available at some of the cheapest prices on the market. Our complete 100 pack variety vegetable seed garden includes different vegetable seeds with a few common herbs and garden variety fruits. They are top sellers that the Amish have been using for many years. When you place your order, you will receive seeds that have been established for over 50 years.

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