100% heirloom and open pollinated non-hybrid gmo free vegetable seeds

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We have pre-selected high yield premium vegetable seeds based on nutritional value, short growing seasons, the ability to grow in a variety of weather ranging from Montana cold to Florida hot.

Our 100% open pollinated, heirloom, non-hybrid vegetable seeds that are priced on average 300% below other online seed wholesalers/retailers.

100 Packets Sealed in a Mylar Bag
All Seeds are 100% Open Pollinated,
Heirloom Non-Hybrid GMO Free!

Sample List Of Our 100 Seed Packets

On Sale For $59
plus S&H while supplies last (regularly $159)

***We hand fill and label each pack of seeds so, please allow 1 to 3
business days for processing.***


Bring the reward and joy of growing fresh, nutritious high quality vegetables to your garden. We take great pride in selling only 100% open pollinated, heirloom, non-hybrid premium vegetable seeds, collected from the best vegetable plants and fruit available.

Just like keeping money saved for an unforeseen emergency, saving up open pollinated, non hybrid seeds to use for replanting encase certain crops die out or are destroyed is a very smart thing to do. Our complete vegetable garden seed packs are perfect for creating your very own survival seed bank.

Please note, you can not select which seeds will come included in the 100 unique individual seed packets we will send you.

However, that is a very small price to pay to get these premium vegetable seeds at such a GREAT DISCOUNTED RATE. Rest assured you will have almost every veggie variety you can think of and save VERY BIG money in the process. Click here for a sample list of included seeds.

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***We hand fill and label each pack of seeds so, please allow 1 to 3 business days for processing.